Monday, January 23, 2012

Never Enjoy Peace and Quiet...

...Unless you know your children are fast asleep in their beds!!!

On Saturday early afternoon, Ty and I were just relaxing on the couch, watching a movie, enjoying some peace in the house. Until we saw this:
Whitney had emptied out all of Lindsey's clothes from her dresser. She put them all in one of her toy bins. (yes the toys that belong in there were all dumped out) Luckily we were in good moods and had a good laugh.
She is a great helper folding clothes when I'm doing laundry. But I think she got a little carried away this time. At least they were folded when we put them back in the drawers. Sadly, I think she enjoyed putting them back in the drawers so I don't know if she learned not to do it again.
On Sunday, I had gotten Whitney a snack and then once again we were just lounging after church. Then I looked over toward the kitchen and saw this:
Messer #2 had gotten into the snack Whitney had and got it all over her. She is such a stink, but is such a cutie.
She had to get the last scraps out of the container before I put the camera down and took it from her. :-)
No matter what messes we clean up, or how frustrated we sometimes get...Moments like these make you forget:

This is when you can truly enjoy peace and quiet.


Contact: Ashley Mills said...

I am in love with those pictures, especially them sleeping!

Jen said...

Aw, man. Glad you could laugh about it. Love the sleeping pictures.

Tammy Garren said...

awww....I miss those days!

Char said...

Happy Birthday!

Wendy said...

Great post :)