Sunday, July 8, 2012

Museum Day

 This last week we went to Balboa Park. Every Tuesday they have select museums that are free to get into if you are a San Diego County resident. We went with a family from our ward. It was crazy with all the kids around. I think it's probably better when school is session.

 We went to the model railroad museum. It was pretty cool to see all the tiny little cars, people, etc.

 We also went to the Museum of Natural History. I was thinking of Night at the Museum the whole time. :-) Right now they have a horse exhibit so Whitney was really excited. It ended up being more about the evolution and domestication of horses so she wasn't quite as excited as we went through it, but she still liked it.
Waiting outside for the doors to open.

Outside the horse exhibit
Whitney and her cute friend on the saddles.
Does she measure up to be a jockey? :-)

Lindsey running away from the horse

Scary dinosaur! The kids loved all the prehistoric animals.
This is just a cropped version of the one above, but I just love her little face.
I'm really excited to try out some of the other museums. They're not all geared towards kids but a change of scenery is always good! I'm really loving all these new adventures. I usually like to stay in my comfort zone and not venture away from it. I'm learning to be brave and making friends that I can go explore with. I'm so grateful for all these new things that we are experiencing!


Wendy said...

Just don't get TOO comfortable with your new adventures :) JK I'm glad you have fun things to occupy your time.

Melissa DeMoux said...

Nice job, Jess. I know it is easy to hide away in our caves and just spend life with our kids (speaking from years of hermit like experience), way to break out and explore your world and meet the wonderful people in it. And what a great example for your girls too.