Thursday, July 12, 2012

Tea Party

Whitney has a new friend in our ward. This cute young woman (we'll just call her M) in our ward is so good with kids. Everyone just loves her. Well last Sunday Whitney didn't even sit with us in church, she was with M and her family the entire time. After church we were all talking and M said she needed to have a tea party for all the little girls because they always talk about it. Later that day there was a knock at the door and M brought an invite for a tea party. Whitney was so excited and talked about it all week. Yesterday she got all dolled up to go. They got their own new tutus then played with puzzles, got to dress up stuffed animals, played musical chairs to the Tangled soundtrack, had "tea" and then watched Tangled.
All ready to go! Notice Lindsey on the side. Now if she knows I'm taking a picture she runs to be in it.
She was at the table when I got there. They had flower shaped sandwiches and cookies. In the teapot there was water and in the sugar pot was pink lemonade powder so they could mix it themselves. So cute!
Here she is with M. They got ring pops at the end (since every princess gets a married at the end of the story) Take notice of where Lindsey is
I told you she tries to be in every picture!
I know I tweeted about this, but the baby lizard outside our apartment is one of the cutest things I've ever seen. It seriously looks like a toy.
I'm so glad M included Whitney in this fun day! Of course now she loves her more and had such a blast! What have you done for fun this week?


Melissa DeMoux said...

That is so adorable! I love it and I'm glad you have amazing young women to help watch out for your girls and teach them how to be fabulous.

Rebecca LaCourse said...

That is so sweet that M was able to do that. She really is a sweet girl.