Tuesday, September 24, 2013

It's addicting!

So, I've been getting to know my sewing machine more and more since my last project. Every time I finish a project, I'm searching Pinterest for the next thing I can make. Too bad I have virtually no fabric. I made a colored pencil holder:
 I learned a lot from this project, including: I don't know how to sew straight lines and I now know that if you reach in to remove a pin, you may also sew through your finger.

Yesterday I was packing up for our trip back to my parents and the girls got out their travel pillows they got from my mom. You know those tiny airplane pillows? Yeah, they've been used quite a bit and were a little nasty:

 I decided that they were too gross for the girls to use and I decided to try my hand at some pillowcases. A little while ago I got a crib bed skirt from Goodwill for super cheap. For the pillowcases I just cut double the length of the pillow. I lined up the ends and sewed all the way around, except for the open end where the cuff is. I was lucky to have the sheet because the cuff was done for me.

One of the pillow cases was too short so I added some pink fabric from the end. The stripes weren't long enough to cover the whole pillow, but I don't think anyone will notice as they drive past us on I-80. :-)

The girls were super excited to have their travel pillows re-vamped and I'm excited to be able to wash the pillowcases when they inevitably get dirty.

So charming, aren't they.
It was a fun little project and super quick. I'm glad I can make things for the girls and gain confidence in sewing because they don't mind what things look like and they get so excited for me every time I complete a new project. Now just pray they are angels on our trip tomorrow and they sleep on their new pillowcases!

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Jen said...

Lindsey lol! I am so impressed Jess. They look great. You should take some of my fabric home with you :)