Monday, September 9, 2013


Sometimes as a parent I underestimate what my children are capable of. One thing for me is cleaning. I would much rather do it myself and not wait for the kiddos to do it. Well, when we moved here, we got hardwood floors for the first time. I absolutely love them, but they are impossible to keep clean. I got out our swiffer and shortened it for Whitney. I told her it was her new job and she has just taken off with it. Most days I don't even need to remind her. It's so fun to watch her get excited to clean! She is now making her bed and cleaning the playroom regularly. She's like an old fashioned housewife in a dress and boots. :-)

What have your kids done to surprise you lately?


Contact: Ashley Mills said...

That's awesome! The house looks nice :)

Jen said...

Great job Whit!

What have my kids done to surprise me? I've learned that my son can clean like the dickens when a special someone is on her way over!