Sunday, May 11, 2008

Farm Fun

I got to feed a couple of the bummer lambs

The Princess liked to ride on the four-wheeler and kept asking if she could ride on the "yellow thing again"

We got to ride twice!

We got to watch Cinderella on the way down to keep us entertained!
She loved the tree swing outside MIL's house
She got to ride a horse all by herself!
I fell in love with this cute lamb. It was my favorite one!
This is our other niece. She was so helpful to the princess!

This weekend we went down to Mt. Pleasant to visit MIL and we took down my niece so she could see all the farm animals. We saw sheep, horses, cows, pigs, pheasants, ducks, etc! She loves animals so she had such a blast! I think we had just as much fun watching her! She was well behaved the whole time and she kept saying the funniest (I know that isn't a word) things. I wonder what husband thinks of us, because the girls in my family love being on farms and in the outdoors. We're so fascinated by it. He grew up around it so I wonder if he thinks we're weirdies. Anyway it was such a fun day and we'll have to take the nephews down with us next time!

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Lindsay Lou said...

You got to practice feeding the lamb for when you have kids! Yay!