Tuesday, May 6, 2008


So we saw this squirrel in our backyard!!! cool huh? We first saw it on Saturday and then I saw it again when I got home yesterday so i took a picture of him. I was being so quiet sneeking up on him! lol Sorry about the mess in the background. That's the lovely shed that us and the upper tenants "share" too bad there isn't any room for our stuff! Oh well, we'll be out of there soon! Anyway, it's not everyday you get to see cool animals in your backyard. That's why I like living in older neighborhoods. It's awesome. Awhile back, we saw a chipmunk running on the power lines in front of our house. What an adventure huh? ha ha


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Doris said...

Ok, so is this a game like Where's Waldo? Because I seriously do not see a squirrel!