Friday, May 16, 2008

Go Jazz Go!

So... Tonight is game six of the Western Conference Semis. Correct...yours truly!!! I'm so excited! I'll totally take pictures and post them hopefully this weekend. My older brother has two season tickets and tonight he's taking me!!! I had Tyler go and buy me a Kyle Korver jersey last night. So, I'm all set. I had to close at work last night and I had practice at six and then had to open at work this morning so I'm feeling quite tired! I'm trying not to drink so much pop and definately not caffeine so I'll either need a nap or maybe the adrenaline will just fire me up!!! lol Can you tell I'm happy to be going? Anyway, Jen I'm gonna need to come get a face tattoo and then I'll be ready to go!! GO JAZZ!!!


Adiel said...

Make sure to wave those spirit fingers like crazy so maybe we'll get a win!
Go my favorite sports team, go!

Doris said...

I don't know dear, but you sound a little Hammy to me! I should check the offices ceiling tiles on monday.