Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Wonderful Weekend

We had the kids sleepover on Sunday night. One, to give their parents a break and a night by themselves. Two, to have some fun!!! I think there was a total of 6 movies watched at our house while they were there. :-) Since it was gloomy weather their only option was to watch movies. Kids get restless in 450 square feet. lol It was the princess' first time sleeping over and I was afraid she'd have a really hard time, but it went really smooth and I think she had fun.

She let me paint her nails, but in return I had to let her paint mine. Wow, I had nail polish all over my fingers. :-) it was fun

We had a bbq at my mom and dad's under the carport. My BIL surprised us all with a pinata. It was lots of fun. The food was great and I got lots of candy! ha ha

Here is my brother with the princess. She is really getting into her cupcake. I just thought by brother looked cute in this picture so I put it on here. After the bbq we all went to the Bees game. Here are the boys with bumble (the mascot obviously lol) It was really cold and we lost...but it was still fun. I love spending time with family. It is my favorite thing to do.

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