Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Things That Made My Day

-Getting 30+ fruit snacks thrown at me by a 25 year old.
-Doris asking me if my mouth hurts cause I talk so much. lol
-Winning knights and cities :-) great game guys
-So You Think You Can Dance reruns with Wendy
-My great professor who knows everything
-Telling a story to a 3 year old and then having it told back to you in the opposite order

I'm new at this Adiel but it seems fun to do! How often am I supposed to do it? lol


Jen said...

Love it! I knew it all except for the Doris one. That's awesome! LOL

Doris said...

The Doris one was the Best! Buahahahahaha! lol

Lindsay Lou said...

hahha that's so Doris