Friday, October 10, 2008


Our car stereo got stolen in like June. I've been without music in the car since then. I've used my ipod which hasn't been bad but it's pretty old and lately it hasn't been holding a charge. So, for my two hours+ in the car everyday it hasn't been very pleasant. Yesterday Ty took the car to work to put on new tires. Well, when I got in the jetta to go the the I store I saw this:

I was so excited. Ty had bought me a new radio and installed it and everything. I'm so grateful for his hard work and generosity to me. He does so much for me I'm so happy we'll be together forever cause he's perfect for me. Sorry for all the gushy stuff. :-) Anyway, the radio has an ipod hookup and so I can listen to my ipod in the car but it also charges my ipod! Way cool. I was totally jamming out on the way to work today. :-) YAY for music!!!


Jen said...

What a perfect surprise and aware hubby. I'm happy for you!

Adiel said...

Oh wow, what a nice husband you have! :) Music is the thing that stops me from turning into a road rage monster so props for surviving that long without it!