Sunday, October 26, 2008

Major Changes

So I decided I wanted to get my hair done differently. I've been trying to grow my hair out til the baby comes. Well, I asked my sister to come with me and she talked me into getting an A-line and putting blonde in it. It's so different. It's not too drastic of an A-line but it's hard to get used to. I don't like it yet but hopefully I will soon. Hopefully you can see the change in this picture:

The other big change is my stomach. About a week and a half ago my stomach decided it wanted to grow and now I can't fit any of my clothes. It's really exciting but hard to get used to. And I swear every morning it sticks out like an inch further. Crazy! I just read today that I should gain about a pound a week for this next month. That won't be very fun but I'm glad the baby is growing! So here's my official 22 week baby bump picture :-)


Adiel said...

Hooray for the A-line and hooray for the cute baby bump!

Pj.steph said...

Wow! Yep, pretty much it'll be a pound a week from here on out. :) Sorry to break it to you. lol. I like the hair.

Jen said...

I didn't know you didn't like the hair! You should; it's great!

And you are the cutest preggo belly around.