Saturday, October 29, 2011

Happy Halloween!

This morning we moved to my Mom and Dad's and tonight we went to their neighborhood trunk or treat. Whit was super excited! And she makes a very cute Nemo I think. :-)
Lindsey was squirt the sea turtle from Finding Nemo:

Hunting for candy with the cousins:

Here's my parents and all the grandkids. For their trunk they dressed up as Penn State tailgaters heehee:
Overall it has been a very long day, but that post will need to wait! I love this holiday, although I don't love dressing up. It's probably because of the time of year and of course the candy. :-) Hope you all have a very sweet and spook-filled Halloween!

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Wendy said...

This made me happy :) Wish I could've seen all the costumes in person. They look so cute!