Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Fun

On Sunday my sister and I decided to do a Halloween dessert. We made candy corn sugar cookie bars.
Aren't they cute?!
My awesome BIL is modeling this one for me.
We took Nemo and Cinderella to Carl's Jr and got their free fries for being in costume. I also tried my first Western Bacon Burger. I'm sold!
Sorry this picture is out of order but we went to my niece and nephew's Halloween parade this morning. Don't you love my little Nemo and Squirt the sea turtle?
This was Whit's first trick or treating experience. She was a little terrified of people dressed up but I think she had fun going to the few houses we did.
This awesome lady in our ward also gave Whit a pumpkin from her garden, so she was pretty excited to go to her house.
Thanks to the barking dog we got candy over the fence. :-)
We had such a fun day today, Whit was so awesome. I love Halloween! How was your holiday?


Talisha said...

Those costumes are so AWESOME!!

Jen said...

We sure had fun, didn't we? Even if we were the only ones to truly appreciate the frosted candy corn!