Wednesday, October 5, 2011


So this time I tried a "headband" It was actually super easy. Don't look too closely because it isn't perfectly straight. :-) I really liked this because I have a real problem with Whit's bangs getting in her face and I don't love cutting them, and this works well no matter how short the hair is. At first I tried it with a side ponytail, but because her hair isn't that long it started falling out in the back. I decided to leave it down and curly. I think you could do anything with it though. I'm really liking this new adventure, and Whit does really great being my guinea pig. :-)
Here it is from the top:
Here it is from the front with the ponytail:
Here it is with her hair curly (sorry about the tv in the background):


Talisha said...

I love how it looks down and curly! She is so adorable!

Contact: Ashley Mills said...

That is so cute, I love seeing what you are trying!