Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Crazy 36 hours!

***Caution: Long Post***
Well, things have been in a whirlwind around here. Ty wants to go to school out of state in January, so the biggest dilemma is renting our condo. We thought with the economy so bad right now and houses going for so cheap, that it would take awhile to get someone to rent. Since sometimes I'm not very motivated, I made a goal to get the condo posted on the classifieds by the end of this week. Something came over me and I decided to be uber productive yesterday. I totally cleaned the whole place, took pictures, and posted the condo. I felt very accomplished. Well, we got our first call within hours of posting it! She made an appointment to come visit tonight.

I had lots of plans to finish deep cleaning today, and get everything else done and then go get my flu shot at Ty's work (free clinic through insurance). Well, Ty missed his ride this morning, so I had to pack up the girlies and take him to work at 6:30 (very early for me who normally gets out of bed between 8-9). So the bug that bit me yesterday couldn't wake up so early this morning and all I got accomplished before flu shots was getting myself ready and keeping the monsters from destroying my clean house. I got my shot and to avoid having to drive to Ty's work 3 times in one day, I decided to kill time in town and run errands. The girls took a nap and then we went shopping and we found this awesome find at a goodwill store and Whit got a riding horse:

I had more hour to kill and one more store to hit. I was just driving down the road the light turned yellow and I decided to go through the light. Well, bad decision because this happened:

An 18 year-old in a pick-up turned left at the same and hit my front fender. I'm fine and so are the girls. The kid thought it was my fault and I thought it was his, so we called the cops and an officer came to give the kid a citation. (I knew I was right) Hopefully everything will get sorted out quickly with the insurance so I can get my baby fixed. (the car, not Linds :-)

Well, as crazy as the afternoon was, we still had an appointment to show the condo so we cautiously drove home and finished up cleaning. Well, it turns out that the potential renter's mom is in our ward! Everything went great and she is ready to move in the first of November! How is it possible to feel relieved and super stressed at the same time?!

I may have a breakdown soon, okay I will have a breakdown soon but everything will go fine. I'm grateful for little things that make me feel a little better. Like my sister's post, a loving husband, and helpful parents. I feel very blessed that no one was injured to day and one major stress of moving is taken care of. I know we have a long way to go, but I just need a good night's rest to get a recharge. :-) What a day!


Jen said...

Oh my goodness! I didn't realize you were needing to be out so soon! What are you going to do?

So sorry about the car, but glad it's relatively minor and that you are all okay.

Wendy said...

Love you pup!

Momberger said...

Jess, moving away from my family is the absolute hardest thing I have ever done in my life... however.... it has been one of the best decisions. I miss my family like crazy but I have grown up so much in the last year. I have learned to lean on Matt instead of my family and it has made our relationship so much stronger. I appreciate him so much more and although I miss my family, I feel like this is the right place for me to be right now. GOOD LUCK!!!!