Tuesday, October 23, 2012


This year I'm going to try to start a new Halloween tradition. I'm going to make a slideshow of all our past Halloweens so the kids can see themselves younger and their costumes. Who doesn't like to look at childhood pictures of themselves, right? I know that I only have 4 Halloweens to put pictures from, but this way I can just add on every year and we can keep it going.
Well, I was looking at my blog to try to find pictures starting back when I was pregnant with Whitney for Halloween and I started reading old posts. It's almost as funny as looking at childhood pictures! It's so crazy how your outlook changes over time and the style of your posts. I was reading my 100th post and a survey post and some things that made me laugh were:
-Sometimes when hubby and I are driving we'll play a game where you have to read all the road signs out loud but you have to sing what it says.
-I hardly ever cook dinner.
-I don't think I could ever move more than an hour away from my parents.
But most interesting:
3 surprising facts...
-I'm pregnant at the same time as my oldest sister
-I have never eaten a salad
-I've never been to California
A lot of things have happened in 4 years. At that time I didn't know my other sister was also pregnant. And I actually ate my first salad in California. I guess you're never too old to try something. And never say never. :-) In a lot of ways my priorities have changed since I started my blog, but I'm glad. I'm so grateful for my girls and that I have the opportunity to stay home with them and the changes I'm making by doing it. I really love California, I'm meeting so many great people and experiencing more than I could ever imagine.

When is the last time you re-read blog posts, journal entries, or looked at pictures? Learn anything interesting?

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Wendy Brown said...

That's so fun to have a chance to look back at your past self and mindset. That's my favorite thing about journals, and blogs are just the 2012 version :)