Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Summer Extravaganza: The final chapter

On our last day in Pittsburgh we went to a Pirates game. We were early for the game so we walked around by the Allegheny river. It was so cool to see.
Heinz Field is where the Steelers play. It was so cool to see!

Here's my brother with the girls.
There was this fountain and I decided to be a nice mom and let them play in it.

I love this shot that my brother took.

Isn't the skyline so awesome?!

Whitney discovered Uncle Tim and Carol's peanuts so we didn't see her for a lot of the game. :-)
I guess Rosebud wanted to save some for later, little cutie.
Our last stop before heading back to California was Brooklyn's baby blessing. The timing worked out perfectly and I'm so glad we could see it.

All the nieces. I'm just realizing that I really need to take more pictures of the nephews!

We were able to do so much on our trip and we had so much fun the whole time. It was so great to see family for so long. I was so grateful to go back to Pennsylvania and especially glad to welcome a new sister-in-law to the family. That wraps up our vacation. I will start posting more recent events and I promise not so many pictures! :-)


Melissa DeMoux said...

It has been so fun to watch this trip unfold piece by piece, what an amazing adventure. I'm glad you guys had such a good time and did to many amazing things (and took lots of adorable pictures). Here's hoping your future excursions are just as exciting.

Wendy Brown said...

We want the pictures! Love the pics from the game and blessing, since I wasn't at either. (Although I guess missing the game paid off ;D).