Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Pumpkin Patch

2 weeks ago we went to Bate Nuts Farm to their pumpkin patch. Luckily I have an awesome Visiting Teacher from church who not only told me about it, but picked us up and let us come with her and her nephew and a couple of her friends. Of course the girls had a blast, they have farm in their blood. :-) They had lots of fun activities including a petting zoo, hayride and lots of fun shops to walk through. It kind of reminded me of Gardner Village back home.

Here they are patiently waiting for their turn at the pony rides:
I thought Lindsey might be a little afraid when she got right up to the pony, but she hopped on with no trepidation whatsoever. She was happy as a clam:

Here are all the kiddos on the hayride. The girl on the right of Lindsey is 4 months older than her!

Here they are in the pumpkin patch.
It was really cool to see the huge pumpkins that are 100+ pounds. Since everyone around here loves everything baby, it was no surprise that the girls picked their own miniature baby pumpkins

It's the first year the girls have been able to go pick their own pumpkins not from a store, it was such a fun experience and I think it should be a new tradition! (I love traditions!)


Jen said...

Thanks for sharing the cute pictures. I can't get over W's cute hair. I can never make it work!

Melissa DeMoux said...

Looks like so much fun! What a neat place. I'm glad you have a good visiting teacher, too. What an awesome blessing for such a fabulous family.

Wendy Brown said...

I agree! Make it a tradition! This is so fun