Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Is this a sign?

Okay, so I had a hold on my registration because I was over 60 credit hours and had not declared my major. Because I'm so indecisive. (I think that's how you spell it?) Anyway, so I decided on Exercise and Sport science with an emphasis in Fitness Leadership. Sounds cool huh. lol jk. I made an appointment to meet with an advisor so that I can officially declare my major and register for Fall classes. My appointment was at noon, so I left work at 11:30. I was about to pull into the parking lot and it was 11:58, so I thought I'd be a polite person and inform my advisor that I'd be late. She wasn't the most pleasant person. I was informed that I could not meet with her if I was more than 10 minutes late. (yes, a department policy that is no where on the website and I was never told when making the appointment) (even though she knew I was in the parking lot) I was also informed that since I was declaring my major I needed the whole 30 minutes allotted for my appointment and there was another student with at 12:30 appointment. lol so I ran to my appointment. Literally took off my high heels and ran there cause she had me so paranoid! I got there by 12:05 and guess when I left. Take a guess. About 12:16. lol good thing I was scared out of my mind. Oh well, next time I'll be on time for sure! :-) ( I only have to meet with her once a year) ha ha. It wasn't so bad. I'm glad to finally have that done because I was really stressing about it! Here's a little exercise comic to make you smile after my rude story. (sorry for the complaints!)


Juan And Caitlin said...

That Sounds Like Such A Great Major For You.. I Know You Will Be Wonderful At That, What Exactly Is It You Are Hoping To Do With It?? Any Ideas?? I Loved The Comic At The End.. That's ME.. I Am Just Fat It's Ok!! It's Fun To Have Blogs And Get To Chat!!

Juan And Caitlin said...
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jess said...

Hopefully I'll be a personal trainer or something. Or maybe I'll just be a mom and I can keep myself in shape! lol I don't know. At the least it'll help me keep my cheerleaders in shape!