Monday, April 28, 2008

Viva Las Vegas!

This is the Palazzo. How exquisite these hotels are inside!!!
Since I'm not yet 21, I got the wonderful job of going to the arcades with the 10-year-old instead of going to the casinos. lol it turned out to be kinda fun. I even won the jackpot of 122 tickets on one game! ha ha My nephew looks pretty intense in this picture. :-)
Hubby actually was nice to me and decided to join us at the arcades for a little bit. He even won me this I love you heart. How sweet huh!

Here is my nephew at Circus Circus
Here's me and my mum at Excalibur. We went to the Tournament of Kings. (a dinner show)
Here is the King we were cheering for. (the one on the horse not my husband lol)

My nephew being silly at the coca-cola store

Here's my hubby and nephew and my brother's friend and then my brother.
Here is the fountains at the Bellagio...Pretty cool, especially cause it matches the music.

Well, Vegas was SOOO much fun. I'm really glad we took our nephew cause it was a lot of fun with him. Thanks to the fam that we went with, it was a great trip and will give us laughs for YEARS to come!

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Lindsay Lou said...

So you can't say you didn't win anything!! You hit the Jackpot in tickets! You are lucky!