Thursday, April 3, 2008


This year I'm helping at my alma mater as the assistant cheer coach. Well, today is tryouts! AAHHHH!!! I'm pretty excited. And surprisingly nervous. I guess just cause I want to pick the right people for the team. I've been praying for Heavenly Father to help us because sometimes I think there is great divine intervention when someone makes or doesn't make something. I know it sounds odd. Truth betold, I am odd! lol Anyway, I'm really excited! These girls have been working so hard for about a month and it's hard to turn any of them away! So, good luck to everyone! Even to us coaches! I think we'll have a really good group of girls so it'll be awesome! I am in a really good mood if you cant tell from all of my exclamations! ha ha ciao

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Jen said...

Good Luck! I hope it goes well. And you ALWAYS have a lot of exclamation points.